Becoming a Permanent Team Member

Jayde Elliott

A few things have changed since my last blog post, in regards to my role here at Clayhill Arts.

If you read our previous update, then you’d know that I used to be a part-time barista whilst working towards a one day a week social media marketing internship with Clayhill Arts during the lockdown(s). 

During the lockdowns and working relentlessly throughout, became increasingly difficult for me. My physical and mental health started to take a toll and I was having increasing anxieties and worries during difficult times in this ever-changing post-Covid world.

I spoke to Deborah and Michael about my concerns and personal issues with working two jobs, and about having the looming stress of not being able to focus on what I really want in life and the career that I truly wanted to pursue.

I wanted to put all of my focus into the internship and felt that my time was worth being invested in Clayhill Arts and into my fascination with this incredible business.

Deborah and Michael have been so understanding and reassuring. They reassured me that my internship was very successful and that I adapted well into my role; it was a perfect time and opportunity to extend this role and to become a permanent member of the team!

My new role

Becoming a part-time member of the Clayhill Arts team as the “Marketing and Customer Experience Coordinator” meant that I soon parted ways with the coffee shop. I was now able to put my time, focus and values into a passion that I’ve always had for social media, marketing and connecting with people on the internet into an amazing and fulfilling career. I’m so grateful for Clayhill Arts for giving me this amazing opportunity and allowing me to learn more about what it takes to be in the role and to finally be in the field I’ve work I’ve always dreamt of! 

This was a life-changing moment for me, in so many ways. First of all, having a job in the field of work that I have always dreamt of; social media, marketing and being involved in the arts; where all my passions combine! Being able to focus on my mental and physical health, and have the time to reset my body and mind has been such a blessing. Having colleagues that also understand this to be a priority is a double blessing! Clayhill Arts truly care about its community and putting everyone’s needs first has been so refreshing and heartwarming to me.

Reflecting On The First Few Months

My role as “Marketing and Customer Experience coordinator” involves content planning, such as scheduling posts for our socials; editing and creating for our YouTube channel, as well as for Instagram stories and reels, photography, analytics/demographics, keeping up with social media trends, attending relevant webinars and reviewing our content on a monthly basis to make sure we’re engaging with our audience and also writing posts like this for our blog! I have also been updating things like our Pinterest page and keeping on top of audience development through advertising and PR.

As a bonus part of my role, I wanted to keep that important element of my skills in hospitality, which means that I’m also helping out with general housekeeping. Working in retail jobs most of my life has helped me to come out of my shell and to gain confidence in myself – so implementing this into my new role was really important to me. Clayhill Arts has on-site accommodation that they use for their residential courses, which can also be booked via Airbnb! I give Deborah a helping hand to keep the place spic and span for our wonderful guests and already we have been receiving some lovely feedback!

I’m so proud and excited to be working here; after 3 months since starting my part-time role, it still doesn’t feel like reality sometimes because I am just so blown away, not only by the location but also by my colleagues for being so welcoming and helping me to achieve my goals!


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