We dedicate our time to finding the right tutors here at Clayhill Arts. Passionate people who help to create a rewarding experience for our students.

And because we believe education is empowering for everyone, we aim to make teaching at Clayhill Arts a positive learning experience for our tutors too.

Our team has a background in education as well as the arts, and we know first-hand how valuable the process of teaching can be. Whether you have been running workshops for years, or have never taught before, we will be there to support you in whatever way you need.


Teaching what you do; processing it as an outsider as a learner, you’ll never understand your own practice better!

- Michael Parkes, Director and Co-Founder

Who do we look for?

Throughout the year, we carefully search for experts to deliver courses which fit in with our Programme themes, and help to share our three key skills to students: Creative skills, Practical skills and Business skills.

To give you an idea of what we look to offer each year, head to our head to our About our Programme which will give you an overview of our educational offering. When it comes to teaching workshops, we welcome those of all experience levels. All our tutors join us on an independent basis, with material and travel costs covered as well as being fully-catered for the duration of your visit.

 If you'd like to know more, have a read below to see how we work with tutors to create the best experience.


From the moment we agree to work together, we want our tutors to feel connected to who they are teaching. So throughout the planning process we'll make sure you have as much insight into your students as possible, both before and after the course.

Helping you feel prepared

Our Student Surveys go out to all students prior to booking and will give you a picture of who is coming and why, so you'll know exactly what to expect from your class on the day.

And we make sure you can contribute any questions to the feedback after the course, so you can choose exactly what you wish to learn from this experience.

Clayhill Connect group

You'll also have access to our exclusive alumni group "Clayhill Connect" where students and tutors can continue the conversation before and after their course, giving you a valuable insight into the progress of your students' work as well as the chance to network with other Clayhill Arts tutors.



Your own creative practice is important to us too and so we endeavour to share your news to our network not just before the course, but on an ongoing basis.

Marketing and PR

You'll have a permanent place on our Tutor Directory page as well as regular coverage in our social media and newsletter, and our alumni magazine the Clayhill Quarterly. We make sure that in any national PR coverage, our tutors share the spotlight too.

We also regularly have our tutors visit us at Clayhill Arts. We like to give you space and time to prepare by offering you a chance to stay the night before and after your course.


If you wish to use the space to work on your own practice, we run frequent residencies and are always happy to discuss this possibility with you. These can be a great opportunity to meet other artists and gain a deeper connection with our creative community.


We understand the need for personal space while teaching on a residential course while still feeling part of the group.

That's why in addition to the student accommodation, we also can provide you with your own free en-suite accommodation at our farmhouse during your stay with us.

This is a short walk from the Clayhill Arts complex and enables you to have some space away from the facilities, should you need to take a break or to freshen up in between teaching sessions.

Should you wish to be supplied with alternative accommodation, there are facilities available at our neighbouring farm, which is a gentle walk via some fields, or a short drive to Clayhill. However, if you would prefer, there are a number of other hotels and B&Bs available locally. We will arrange all of this for you during your time teaching with us and supply transport to and from as necessary.


It was a complete delight to run a workshop at Clayhill Arts. Rural tranquillity, a lovely large, light and airy studio to work in, and the communal area, open kitchen and accommodation happily nestled around a courtyard and gardens. Deborah and Michael were always on hand to help with anything. And Deborah's cooking, well, that was outstanding. Every meal a perfect treat.

- Stephen Guy, Crafting Curious Automata

It's in such a peaceful location.  You know you're not going to be disturbed and you know that the staff here are for you - they want you to have the best experience.

- Claire Benn, Tutor, Out of this Earth

I genuinely feel privileged to have had this Clayhill experience. I did not expect to feel as though I'd been on a retreat given that I was leading the workshop, but the luxurious accommodation, stunning surroundings, and amazing food has made it feel this way.... They've created such a special thing

-Angie Parker, Tutor, Weaving with Colour

Clayhill is an ideal location for a course for wildlife photography; it's just surrounded by so much nature.

- Matthew Maran, Tutor, Nature Photography Masterclass


If you are interested in teaching a course with us please get in touch with our Head of Programme at

Finding tutors who share our enthusiasm is what I aim for. It's lovely to see their eyes light up when they talk about their work... that's the best part of my job!

- Katherine O'Shea, Head of Programme & Operations

I have never worked in such a massive, but thoughtfully put together space. . . Everywhere you look is an inspiration here at Clayhill Arts. The attention and consideration to detail are just incredible. This really is the nicest place I have stayed in a very long time, so I am feeling very lucky to be teaching here.

Jennifer Collier

So much detail and professional knowledge. I couldn’t have asked for better hosts, food and accommodation.

Gemma Trickey

I just wanted to say a personal thank you for such a special weekend. You really do go the extra mile - every detail of this beautiful place speaks of the care and thought you provide…The food has been exceptional and just the kindness you show to everyone is warming and regenerative. I’m at something of a turning point and the weekend has helped me see a way forward.

Nicola Grove