Food has a special way of bringing people together and is a universal language.
Being able to share food and produce that we have grown ourselves emphasises how Clayhill Arts cares not only for the community but also about our environment, our heritage and agriculture.⁠


Working with the Environment

At Clayhill Arts, it’s important for us to utilise our environment and give back to our surrounding community. By always keeping our Environmental Policy in mind, we wanted to create somewhere that had as little impact as possible but gave back as much as possible.

⁠We do this by using the latest research, technology and ideas to create somewhere that connects us to the wider environment through learning, living and eating. When you come to stay with us whilst taking part in our 2022 Residential Course Programme, we will be using our homegrown produce to provide catering, cook delicious and bespoke meals, specially prepared for you and your dietary needs.⁠



Inspired by our Course Programme

As the seasons inform all of the menus that we create for you when you stay with us, the content of our courses play a large part in this too. You can expect smoke-inspired treats when we host our smoke-fired ceramics course with Ranjit Dhaliwal, Japanese pickles whilst you are developing and exploring the art of Japanese embroidery with Rob Jones, floral specked salads and organic pigment infused desserts during your time here with Lucy T Smith learning about botanical illustration, just to name a few!

Our Kitchen Facilities

Farming and Somerset’s heritage means everything to us here at Clayhill and we wanted to keep that alive when repurposing our buildings and grounds. We embrace the fact that we’re located on an old farm and it heavily influenced and inspired us and our interior design.⁠⁠

Our fully fitted kitchen was designed by Eternal Kitchens and started life as a dairy shed! Now it’s at the heart of the community space inside the old granary. We can cater for your needs and the space is yours to use, should you choose to stay with us.

The kitchen at Clayhill is open plan and lies at the very heart of the building. It has been designed to invite conversation, to encourage connection and to educate through culture, ingredients and recipes. We love talking about food when you’re visiting and creating our menus to complement the course you are taking. 

We feed our kitchen with supplies from our Walled Garden and top up with local suppliers to help support our growers and farming based neighbourhood.



Our co-founder Deborah has a background in catering, hospitality and the arts has helped shape the philosophy of what goes on here in the Clayhill Kitchen. From 2006 – 2010 on Sherwood highstreet in Nottingham, she ran her own neighbourhood bistro called Ripple; an intimate and relaxed dining space was designed for all-day dining.

Having fallen into owning and running the place, she was very much learning on the job, but during those four years she built a dedicated and enthusiastic team, who worked together and learned together and that’s what lies at the heart of Clayhill now. All of our team here are learning; having either changed careers or developed the skills they already have, learning is central to all that we do.

The time in the Ripple kitchen spent listening to Radio 6 and testing recipes has enabled all that is happening here now.



Next year we will be looking to work with aspiring chefs, offering space for residencies in a similar way that we do with artists – so if this sounds like something you are keen to get involved with, make sure to get in touch. We love working with people who want to learn and can offer support and training. 


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