Crafting a Sustainable Practice

Creative Consultant Melody Vaughan joined us for a Sustainability Workshop earlier this year. Whilst she was here we recorded a podcast and had discussions around what sustainability means and how we should be mindful of the processes we use when creating objects.

We also talk about her Sustainability Audit, which offers you some suggestions for thinking holistically about your creative practice, reflecting on how it has been going, and discovering where you would like to take it as you move ahead. It’s a valuable tool to be using at the moment, especially whilst we’ve got a bit of time to stop and reflect. If you’d like to know more about this and the other resources that Melody has created, please visit

Melody is offering hour long 1:1 coaching sessions for FREE during April/May/June. If this sounds something you’d be interested in, you can find out more here.

* It should be noted that this recording was made in February, when the world was a very different place! *

There are still worthy points of discussion however, which we feel sit with the time we are facing now. We hope you enjoy it and would love to hear what you think.



Thank you to Tone Talk Audio for helping us with the recording. We are looking to record more podcasts like this with visiting lecturers, course leaders and artists. Sign up to our newsletter to be told about the latest recordings. Head over to our podcast page to listen to the latest episodes.

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