Creative Careers

A key tenant of our aims and values is that we believe learning is empowering and you should
be able to access it throughout your life and career.

Clayhill Arts are passionate about supporting creative careers; offering freedom to escape and allowing those to gain
perspective on creativity by exploring individual potential.

Challenge your creative boundaries.

Stories from Team Clayhill

Follow the team’s creative career paths that led them to Clayhill Arts.

Clayhill Arts. Copyright Jim Stephenson 2018

Tutor Interviews

Learn more about our tutors, their practice and their upcoming residential courses here at Clayhill Arts.

Alumni Spotlight

From opening up galleries to opportunities for college and university students, our Alumni Spotlight is about sharing stories from our previous course participants and their continuing journeys.

letter press jess collins
yoga brunch club by alice whitby


At Clayhill Arts, we support and encourage residencies for artists and fellow creatives.

Artist-in-residence programmes give artists the opportunity to live and work outside of their usual environments;
providing them with time to reflect, research and produce new work.

Residencies allow creatives to explore new locations and different cultures, meet new people or to even experiment.

Artist Support

Mentoring and supporting artists are at the heart of Clayhill Arts. We provide help and advice to connect the dots that will enable you to push yourself and your practice further.


Creative Pathways

Creative Pathways is part of the Artist Development Programme, funded by Arts Council England.

Creative Pathways is a professional development programme that aims to provide tailor-made support for Somerset Art Works artist members to develop their practice and deliver high-quality work.

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