From The Verandah

Appalachian musicians Aaron O’Rourke and Dan Landram stayed with us at Clayhill prior to conducting some workshops at Halsway Manor

From The Verandah was a project organised by local folk singer Amanda Boyd and supported by Arts Council England. This was the first group of musicians we have had playing here at Clayhill, and due to the acoustics being ‘just right’ for acoustic performance, this has opened up the possibility of offering music recording sessions in our Studio. If you would be interested in booking an acoustic recording session please get in touch

Comments from Amanda about their stay:

As a singer it has been one of the best spaces to sing in with generous reverberation and acoustics.  It is a space which complimented the type of instruments I was working with and the songs.  The mountain and hammered dulcimers sounded beautiful in there and we all wished we had delivered a concert in the space so others could have enjoyed the sound too. 

Aesthetically, the surroundings [of the old farm] have helped to imbibe the narrative songs we were working with and this was great for my imagination and getting in side the story.  For example; ‘Pretty Ploughboy’ and ‘Tree in the Wood.’

Listen to the podcast discussion they recorded in our Granary here


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