Why should you invest in yourself and your creative practice?

We provide a safe space for creatives to thrive, work and open up; encouraging you to put yourself and your practice first. Clayhill Arts are advocates for doing something you love and allowing you the time to make, invent and explore.

Investing in yourself and your artistic practice and having a place like Clayhill Arts to set your creativity free will equip you with new knowledge and skills. Focusing on your personal development will help you get to know yourself and your work better which can benefit you personally and professionally.

Investing in yourself also means transforming yourself into a more experienced individual through learning and networking. You may even see improvements in your productivity and happiness.

The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself
Warren Buffett

Embrace lifelong learning

Learning shouldn’t end after school; there’s still so much to learn and there are so many ways to access new information.

A part of Clayhill’s aims and values is that we are dedicated to lifelong learning and allowing you to choose who you want to learn from. We want to bring learners and those that inspire us together to work alongside each other and develop our knowledge and skills.

Connect with other like-minded people

We believe that a network of individuals working together, learning from each other and helping each other is essential to help the creative sector.
The creative industry can feel isolating and lonely – so finding other people who think and work the same way as you can be so validating and reassuring.

Being around people who believe in you and admire your work is something you will experience at Clayhill Arts.

Find a mentor

Having someone like a mentor within the creative sector to talk to, and someone that understands you is so important when pursuing your career goals.

Having a mentor really helps you to put your career goals into perspective and can enable you to stay on track. Mentors want the best for you and are there to support your needs, listen to you during your imposter syndrome days and get excited for you when you reach your achievements.

Clayhill put me in touch with a mentor; it’s so nice having someone outside of work to chat to, not just about career goals but also hobbies and other passions I have outside of Clayhill. I get excited about what to tell my mentor the next time we meet; new ideas, career developments – and seeing that they’re excited for me is very encouraging.
Jayde Elliott, Clayhill Arts Marketing and Customer Experience Coordinator

Set goals

Setting goals can also help you visualise what you want, which can help you process the steps you need to take to achieve them. Without goals, your creative journey could just be a hustle with no real focus. Therefore, invest some time into thinking about things you’d achieve, set goals, and take action.

Learn something new

Learning keeps your mind engaged and can help towards a fulfilled life and career. Learning new skills, crafts, techniques etc keeps your brain developing and is excellent for your overall well-being.

Now, more than ever, it is important to invest in lifelong learning to ensure that individuals and societies will be able to navigate and integrate into a rapidly changing world – the pandemic made clear that people want to change careers and pursue creative outlets and work that made them happy, filled them with passion and made life exciting again.

Being in isolation made us appreciate what’s important and for many of us, it was turning to the arts.

Take part in courses and workshops

Attending courses on varying topics can help expand your skill set and spark new ideas and creativity. Attending a course with a topic you’re familiar with can improve your current skills, but think about trying an unfamiliar topic to learn something new!

At Clayhill Arts, all our courses have been developed to expand your network and elevate your business practice. Through a combination of year-round research into the creative industries and regular discourse with our audience, we have developed our programme to be at the cutting edge of arts education.

Our Course Programme and curriculum are comprised of an eclectic range of residential courses in which we focus on the three key areas of creative, practical and business skills. We have Masterclasses with industry experts, as well as highlighting arts and culture from creatives across the globe.

Find out more about Clayhill Art’s residential courses here.

Accept the mistakes

Failure is part of success; embrace it and learn something from it. Making mistakes can help you to gain confidence to come out of your comfort zone. Remember that your struggles are normal, especially in the arts sector – sometimes new ideas and perspectives manifest from this and at Clayhill Arts (and to paraphrase Bob Ross) there are no mistakes, only happy accidents.

Seek financial support

At Clayhill Arts, we want to make our range of eclectic courses as accessible as possible. To do this, we have set up a payment plan via Partial.ly for our students to use, to enable them to have access to lifelong learning and opportunities without financial stress.

Find out more about our Partial.ly payment plan here.

We have also put together a useful resource of funding for artists.

Share your thoughts

It is incredibly important to keep talking and sharing the great work you are doing.
Mark Devereux Projects

At Clayhill Arts, we want you to be seen and heard – we cherish your journeys and are thankful that you come to us for education, support and guidance. We create safe spaces for all types of discussion, whether it’s about your work or your personal stories that shaped your practice – Clayhill Arts is a no judgement zone (what goes on at Clayhill… says at Clayhill)!

Read about what Clayhill Arts do to provide support for our course students here.


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