Our 2021 Programme

Like many organisations in the creative sector, during 2020 we have had to make changes at a fast pace, the current crisis challenging us at every step.

By its nature, Clayhill Arts is a slow-moving enterprise. We represent a stopping point in the career of a creative – an oasis of calm for weary travelers in what can be a long and all-consuming journey.  But there is also energy and strength here, and 2020 has certainly brought this out in us. We thrive on our industry-focused research and, like all true artists, our imaginative response to change is what enables us to grow alongside this ever-evolving world we inhabit. 

As we launch into our next stage, we aim to make our mark on the creative community in the same way that we have done on the physical landscape – thoughtfully, in harmony with our environment, and always with a pin-sharp focus on quality.

With this in mind, we are delighted to share with you our plans for the 2021 programme which we are going to be continually updating in response to you, our audience. Because that is, of course, the key ingredient – one which will transform us from a beautiful Somerset venue into a top-class art school.  And we can’t wait to welcome you back!

With Katherine joining the team as our Programme Coordinator earlier this year and having been given the opportunity to think and plan about our future during Lockdown, our 2021 programme has come about as a reaction to several things.

Firstly, our founding principles, focusing on facilitating communities and creating access to learning in everything we do.  Secondly, as a reaction to the changing art world around us during the ongoing Coronavirus crisis.  And lastly, out of a personal drive and ambition from the team here as a whole, which we hope is part of the defining character of Clayhill Arts.

So, what is the upcoming programme going to look like?  

Our overarching theme for the 2021 March to September year is ‘Physical/Digital’.  As a result the Coronavirus crisis, and the general acceleration of the digital world, we want to examine the effect of lockdown from both sides of the coin and offer courses throughout the year that reflect the positives we have taken from this time – and what we need to get back to.

On the one side we have the need for Physical – Can we replace a digital screen for its analogue counterpart for a day? How does physical making create a sense of community and well being, and how can a Clayhill Arts course provide this?

On the other side, we have the rapidly-changing digital world and its influence on the creative arts.  In many ways, lockdown has propelled artists towards a digital future and expanded connections with science and technology faster than ever. And are there places where the physical and digital collide? 

We are going to be examining these themes closely in our online events – the Clayhill Creative Forums – the first of which will be kicking off on March 5th, where you can meet our Clayhill tutors and hear them talk about their experiences, as well as giving you access to networks and discussions with experts in the creative industries. 

Clayhill Arts. Copyright Jim Stephenson 2018

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