Aims and Values

Clayhill Arts has been built on these founding principles

Dedication and commitment to lifelong learning and creative development 

Although “every day is a school day” we tend to stop formally learning at school. We spend most of our life learning; through the actions of others, at work or online yet there lacks anywhere that allows you to continue to learn outside of formal educational institutions.  A key tennant of our aims and values is that we believe learning is empowering and you should be able to access it throughout your life and career.

To create access between learning and the people you want to learn from

Why can’t we choose who we learn from? Choice is key to learning. We choose subjects, Universities etc but why can’t we choose to learn from anyone? We can access clips online from inspiring individuals so why not seek them out and learn directly from them? We want to bring learners and those that inspire us together to work alongside each other and develop our knowledge and skills.

To promote and value creative learning 

Increasingly creative subjects are in decline. They have been dropped from curriculums in schools and universities in favour of more traditional subjects. We think you do this at your peril. The world is ever changing and we need a flexible creative workforce. We value the creative industries and what they contribute to our lives and economy. We want to promote and support them in a time when they are at threat.

Back to Basics: Drawing with Charcoal

To explore and challenge your individual potential

We rarely have the time to develop ourselves and gain the necessary skills to achieve our potential. Working in isolation, previous educational experience or the comments of others often become boundaries which are hard to escape. We want to offer freedom to escape these and allow you to gain perspective on your creativity by exploring individual potential by safely encouraging you to explore and challenge your creative boundaries.

Megan Wakelam: Creative Pathways

To create an holistic immersive learning environment 

Everybody learns differently and responds to different learning environments. This is unfortunately difficult to accommodate in the education sector. We wanted to build a different learning space, one that encourages interaction and allows you to step outside of your normal environment to learn in whatever space you prefer. A learning environment that combines good food, rest and relaxation in a rural setting to inspire creativity.


To facilitate a community to learn and work together

The creative industry is disparate, isolating and lonely. It’s hard to produce your best work when you feel like this. We want to empower you and help you connect with other creatives both here at home. We believe that a network of individuals working together, learning from each other and helping each other is essential to help the creative sector.

Mark Devereux Projects: Dialogues 5