Supporting an Education Charity

Education is at the very heart of Clayhill and whilst we have created a valuable environment of learning here, we are aware that it is only accessible to a few, so we wanted to look at ways that we can help as many as possible.

Knowing that the charitable sector has suffered considerably during the pandemic we were delighted to hear about the work that a local charity here in Somerset is doing to support education across the globe.

School in a Bag are a charity based in Yeovil and they deliver SchoolBags to poor children around the world. We are supporting their Gift a School Bag campaign this year, by purchasing a SchoolBag on behalf of all of our tutors, as a thank you for working with us next year and sharing their knowledge.

Most of the time, a gifted SchoolBag will be one that’s already been delivered. This means that besides funding SchoolBags this donation will also help fund projects, enabling them to roll out faster, and then credit new donors with SchoolBags retrospectively.

Globally, there are millions of children who are deprived of an opportunity to learn.  On an individual basis, a SchoolBag for these children can provide vastly improved learning capabilities, hope and a lifeline to a future out of poverty.  On a world scale, educating the next generation is a key force to human development and global stability.

The Ongoing Value of Education

In addition to the gifted SchoolBag, we will be making an ongoing monthly payment to the education charity and including Gifting a School Bag as an add on to any of our courses for future students to make a donation themselves should they so wish.

To learn more about the charity, you can watch this local news item where we learnt about the great work that they are doing and connect with them via social media on Twitter @SchoolinaBag1 Instagram @schoolinabag as well as on Facebook and YouTube

school in a bag - clayhill arts supporting an Education Charity

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