Supporting Local Suppliers

At Clayhill Arts, we love supporting our local farming network and being integrated with nature.

Somerset’s heritage means everything to us and we wanted to keep that alive when repurposing the buildings and grounds. We embrace the fact that we’re located within 140 acres of arable farmland and based within an old farm. This heavily influenced and inspired us and our interior design.


It’s important for us to utilise our environment and give back to our surrounding community. Lockdown has made us more aware of our environment and how we should value our surroundings, especially in regards to being sustainable and resourceful. One of our many goals at Clayhill is to be as self-sufficient as possible. From producing our electricity to planting and harvesting in our very own Walled Garden; Clayhill Arts are advocates of the Field to Fork ethic.

Supplying for our Residential Courses

We support and promote local businesses and suppliers to those who stay with us, so they can get the most out of their stay and explore the surrounding Somerset area. In preparation for our residential art courses, we stock our kitchen with supplies from our Walled Garden and top up with local suppliers to help support our growers and farming based neighbourhood.

In each of our en-suite rooms, you will find Miles Tea and Coffee, a supplier based in Minehead. A perfect refreshment for when you retreat to your room after a day of creating and networking, to then rejuvenate in a relaxing bath with Bramley products, based in Wiltshire.

When taking part in our courses, we provide delicious, homecooked and bespoke meals that will enable you to discover new menus. From flavorful pastries and produce bought locally from neighbouring Blackmore Farm to Field Bakery’s incredible sourdough bread made from wheat sourced in the fields grown by our neighbours, Gothelney Farm.

As well as supporting local suppliers, we also love to recommend local places to eat, for you to enjoy Somerset’s countryside cuisine outside of Clayhill Arts.

Working with Suppliers for our Courses

In one of our previous courses, Botanical Illustration with Lucy T Smith, the participants visited Spaxton Road Apiary, local beekeepers that are a part of the Somerset Beekeepers’ Association, located just on the horizon of Clayhill Arts.

Their well established Apiary has a host of facilities for new and experienced beekeepers and for those who want to visit. Spaxton Road Apiary also offers instruction, advice and equipment loan to both existing beekeepers and those looking to start beekeeping as a hobby. We were able to use their microscopes during our Botanical Illustration course, to get a close-up and detailed look at the flowers the participants would be drawing.

Spaxton Road Apiary also supplies delicious and natural honey, which we incorporate into our recipes when catering for our courses and events.


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