David Snoo Wilson

David Snoo Wilson is an artist and educator. Uniquely at the heart of his studio practice is the beautiful alchemy of melting metal.

As an educator and technician, David has worked At the RCA running the foundry and international has run courses and workshops across Europe.

He specialises in bell casting and resides in Bristol where he set up ‘Ore and Ingot’ a travelling foundry, started by Jo Lathwood and David in 2012.

David specialises in bell casting and is one of only a handful of bell-casters still active in this country.  He has bells in the Royal household of the Prince Of Wales, among other places. In 2014 Wilson received the Winston Churchill Travel Fellowship to research bell foundries in central Europe and he travelled around eastern Europe to explore ways in which the performance could be incorporated with the process of metal casting. Over the years he has received funding for his research and development into bells from Arts Council England, and the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust.

At the Ore and Ingot workshop, they teach hands-on foundry skills and knowledge, allowing students to work from the beginning of the process to the casting of a realised bronze sculpture. They also work on a one-to-one basis with artists and makers to help them realise their projects whether this is casting a memorial for a loved one, or empowering students with the knowledge to set up a commercial foundry.

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