Ranjit Dhaliwal 

Ranjit Dhaliwal is a teacher and mentor at Turning Earth Ceramics Studio in London. His work has been featured in The Observer and the Guardian and he is well-known for his wide range of experimental techniques in his designs.

Ranjit’s practice is influenced by the forms of modern European studio pottery, married with a bright colour palette that is inspired by his Indian heritage.

His decorative pieces are created using alternative kiln firings, exciting and unpredictable processes that use foraged and reused combustible materials.

Ranjit is drawn to the humble nature of a craft that is based on making things from the earth, dug from the ground, and the magical transformation that comes from subjecting it to intense heat. He feels a strong connection to the pottery tradition that goes back many millennia but still remains vital to the way we live now.

You can find Ranjit on the Crafts Council’s directory of makers

Ranjit firmly believes that art and craft should be accessible to all. H enjoys teaching classes at his own studio, Turning Earth, Skandihus, Birch Community, and regular workshops with Yodomo.


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