Tabara N’Diaye

Tabara N’Diaye runs La Basketry, which was launched in 2017 as an online boutique, offering baskets and unique woven products for the home designed by herself and her sister Mamy. All of the baskets are handwoven, by a group of female artisans they had met and connected with in a small village outside of their parents’ hometown called Thies in Senegal.

With their first collection being stocked widely at places including the Victoria and Albert Museum, it was creating a platform to share Senegalese craftsmanship with the world that felt like their greatest achievement.

Falling in love with the process and making her own creations led Tabara to writing the book ‘Baskets’ which was published by Quadrille in 2019. The teaching involved here, led to online workshops and to the creation of DIY basket kits during the pandemic.

Today, La Basketry wants to celebrate all things woven – be it inspiring you to weave and craft your own creations in a workshop, or to purchase a beautiful piece made by a skilled artisan online.

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